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How to Be Courteous to Your Limo Driver

When you’ve hired a limo, you’ll want everything to go according to plan. It could be a special event and you want it to be memorable by hiring a limo. There are state-of-the-art limos that are outfitted with unrivaled luxury and you get to have an unforgettable experience. For the day to be a success, you’ll want to make sure that you’re courteous to the limo driver. A company like Canton Limo Service provides exceptional limos and highly trained drivers so that you’re having a memorable experience when hiring the limo.


Hiring a limo can be compared to eating in a restaurant. There is the service fee that you have to pay that will go to the running of the limo. It could be the gasoline and the wear of the vehicle. Part of the amount that is paid will also go to the driver. It will not be a bad idea to tip the driver at the end of the day, especially when there have been no issues with the service and have thoroughly enjoyed yourself.

Be Cautious of Time

As much as the night appears young, the driver will be on the clock. You don’t want to cause inconveniences just because you were not able to keep time. If you’re having a good time and would like to extend the number of hours, it is important that you’re alerting the driver about the change. The driver should be able to accommodate the changes but you can expect to pay high rates in rental fees since it was an abrupt notice and there could be other plans with the limo.

Have a Clear Itinerary

It is not the work of the limo driver to figure out where you’ll be going. That is why it is crucial that there is a clear itinerary from the onset so that there are no issues with time management. The driver will need time to figure out the parking and direction logistics so that the whole night is running smoothly. You don’t want to surprise the driver with a location that was not part of the itinerary. There are locations that the limo might not be able to access and this could result in a frustrating night when you’ve set out to have fun.


The majority of drivers will want to make sure that you’re having a wonderful night. They’re experienced and know what to say to lighten up the mood. You can decide to set the tone and mood for the rental period of the limo. Clients have different needs and comfort levels. It is encouraged to speak up in case you’re experiencing any difficulties. It is the work of the driver to ensure that you’re having the best experience when you’ve rented the limo


Being courteous to the driver is one of the ways you can ensure that you’re having a good night. For more information on limo rentals, you can check out

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