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A Guide on Tipping Limo Services

The decision to hire a limo for an upcoming event will be one of the best that you ever make in a long time. You get to make a grand statement and you and your loved ones are likely to create special memories. When searching for a Brighton limo rental, you’d want to make sure that they have exactly what you’re looking for. Once you’ve got the ride provider, you might be wondering how much will be appropriate tipping for the limo services.

Hourly Vs. Fixed-Rate

Before you can decide on much you’d want to tip the limo service, you’ll need to figure out how they’re paid. There are those that are paid by the hour while others have a fixed wage. An hourly driver will be paid based on the number of hours that they’ve been working. On the other hand, a fixed driver is paid based on the pre-existing considerations on the number of hours that the driving could last. For drivers with fixed rates, there is a chance that the tip might have been calculated in the final payment and it is always good to confirm before making any extra tips.

Trip Duration

The duration of the trip could also have a say on the tipping. It would not be fair to tip the same amount the driver taking you 40 miles compared to one that is driving you just five miles. A general rule of thumb is, the longer the trip duration, the more the driver should be tipped. There will obviously be a cap but common sense will apply when necessary. For a short trip, you can tip between $5-10 while a longer trip will require at least $20. To save you the trouble of calculations, you can use the 10% of the total bill rule as the bare minimum.

Off the Clock

Even though a driver is paid to get you from one point to another, there will be a lot more work involved in being a chauffeur. He or she might have to wait for you when the limousine is not in use. In some instances, it will be the responsibility of the driver to make sure that the vehicle is always clean. That is why it is important that you’re having such factors into consideration when tipping.

Car Size

The car size could also determine the kind of tip that you give. For bigger and more luxurious cars, it is only in order that the tip is generous. General etiquette also dictates that you’re doing the necessary when there has been an inconvenience. You might decide to tip the driver because of spilling drinks or making them wait longer than they should.

You don’t have to overthink when it comes to tipping a limo driver. You can stick to this guide to have the best experience. In most instances, you’ll want to follow your gut. For more information on tipping and limo rentals, you can check out

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