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10 Interesting Facts to Learn About the President’s Limo

Whether Donald Trump is very passionate about cars or not, he definitely rides some of the exclusive automobiles in the world. The Cadillac Limousine is called the US Presidential car as Donald Trump himself uses it. If you are looking for reliable Brighton Limo Service, then contact us. Now tighten your seat belt as we will take you on a ride to the president’s Limousine. Excited? Let’s go! 

Facts about the President’s limo

  1. Armored vehicle: There is hardly any vehicle more powerful and better-armored than The Beast! With 8-inches thick armored plating, this vehicle’s doors weigh as much as the Boeing 757 aircraft!
  2. The windows: The bulletproof windows are 5 inches thick and are well-equipped with five robust layers to feature dampers. 
  3. The Goodyear tires: Apart from the unbreakable windows, this magnificent vehicle comes with massive Goodyear tires that skip jerks. The tires are empowered with Kevlar that serve when flat. The fuel tank remains covered with special foam to keep it safe. 
  4. The vehicle doors: The exciting part of this car is the doors! Donald Trump’s Limousine has no keyholes! Confused? To baffle the deceivers, the doors are without keyholes, and only the secret service agents know the right process to open the passenger doors. This is really an interesting fact to know. 
  5. The well-equipped four-wheeler: After reading this point you will be confused about whether to call this Limo a simple luxury car or a military vehicle! The car comes with firefighting machines, shotguns, gas canisters, grenade launchers, and more. Not only that, the car carries oxygen tanks to support the president’s health. 
  6. Passengers can travel together: This Limo can carry 7 passengers altogether. The driver and the lead secret service protective agent seat in the front seats. The President in the middle, and there are four additional seats in the back. 
  7. The sitting arrangement: A bench inside the car comes with three rearward seats and one special seat just next to the guest’s president. A folding desk is there to separate the president from the guest. 
  8. Interactive video system: This unique feature elevates the car’s standard as the president will be riding it. The vehicle has an encrypted interactive video system and telephone so that Donald Trump can attend conferences and meetings while riding the vehicle along. 
  9. The Beast runs on diesel: The President’s Beast runs on Duramax diesel, the same liquid used in the heavy-duty trucks! The Beast runs on diesel as this reduces the chances of explosion. Another reason for choosing diesel is its availability. 
  10. The drivers: It goes without saying that the drivers of the Limousine will be well-trained! The secret service drivers share expertise in taking sharp J turns in emergencies. 

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