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Terms and Conditions

Party Bus and Limo Rental Terms

No drugs are allowed. No exceptions.

No smoking on board any of the vehicles provided by Rockstarz Limousine.

No weapons are allowed on board any vehicle, including guns and knives.

No eating aboard any vehicle provided by Rockstarz Limousine.

Absolutely NO alcohol is allowed for guests under the age of 21. Rockstarz is not responsible for distribution of alcohol to minors, and may terminate the carriage for violation of this rule.

Rockstarz is not responsible for articles or items that are left in the vehicle.

Rockstarz is not responsible for circumstances beyond the control of the service, such as mechanical problems, accidents, severe weather, or other delays.

In the event that customers or their guests are unruly, cause damages, refuse directions of the driver as to matters of safety, act unsafe, violent or in disturbing manner – or violate other provisions of the rental contract – the chauffeur may terminate the carriage without refund.


Payment and Contract Terms

Prices do not include tolls, parking, or any other similar fees. The customer is responsible for these charges when they are incurred.

The customer is responsible for any damages caused to the vehicle during the rental.

The customer understands and agrees they are liable for the full amount of the contract, even if the carriage is terminated or discharged early.

Balance of contract must be paid in full before arrival on the date of service.

Date reservations cannot be held without a deposit.

Positively no deposits returned.

No checks accepted unless received 30 days prior to date of service.

RockStarz Limousine reserves the right to substitute a vehicle or vehicles in place of contracted vehicle if or when necessary (substitutions maybe similar).

Cancellation fees for airport/sedan transfers are half of cost. Limo/Bus/Van cancellations are; $275 within 1 month, 50% within 3 weeks or 100% within 14 days of reservation.

party bus rental rockstarz limousine

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