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Third Monk Brewing Company

Things to do in South Lyon: Third Monk Brewing Company

The Third Monk Brewing Company in South Lyon, Michigan is a company that seeks to provide the people of South Lyon with an amazing craft-beer experience that will blow their mind. Achieving success with your own craft-beer is never easy, but with a huge amount of expertise in the brewing methods, this is one brewing company that is making in-roads throughout the city.

You are able to go and check out their brewery, but do note that they are closed on both Sunday and Monday as Monday is classed as their brewing day. Aside from that, their opening hours do vary depending on the day, but a trip there to check out what goes into the creation of their beer is certainly more interesting than you may expect.

Third Monk Brewing Co South Lyon MI

Of course, the best reason to go there is to taste some of their beer, and with their location and bar also tending to have some kind of live entertainment on a regular basis, you are in for a great time no matter how long you plan on spending there. You can rest assured that this will allow you to experience drinks that are unlike anything else that you have ever tasted before, and that is what marks them out as being different to the rest.

Third Monk Brewing Company is just one of many such companies in the area, but being able to check out their produce and fully savoring the work that goes into its development is a sight to behold. There’s little doubt that you will gain a brand new understanding and appreciation of everything that goes into brewing a quality beer, and the fact that it can be found in one of the hotspots of the city is just another added bonus.

So, spending some time with the Third Monk Brewing Company is something that is strongly advised if you have a love of beer that is brewed with real love and devotion to the industry. Just remember that they don’t open on Sunday and Monday, so your desire to check out what they have to offer is going to need to be held back for just a bit longer.

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