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The Lyon Theater

Things to do in South Lyon: The Lyon Theater

Located E. Lake Street, the Lyon Theater is the perfect place for you to go and check out some of the latest releases to hit the big screen. The building itself has gone through a major upgrade since the entire company was taken over back in 2015 and it has led to a more refreshing appeal that has, once again, made going there a joy to behold.

They go big on the idea of bringing the latest industry releases to you for a reduced price and they always look at trying to become a part of the community. This does lead to them using a different policy when it comes to deciding on which films to show, and it’s a method that has proven to be rather successful over the years.

The Lyon Theater South Lyon MI

The Lyon Theater will look at those movies that have been well received rather than just showing anything that has come out in recent times. The movies will also often have won rewards, and with an expanded schedule due to movies for children, there is always something for everyone no matter your age or personal preference.

Of course, the fact that they only play those movies that are enjoyable and well received does mean you never have to worry about coming across a turkey.

The building was originally built back in 1945, and was owned by different people until it was forced into being sold due to a default on loans. Since then, it has seen new technology and even 3D movies being played in the theater, so there’s little doubt that it has gone through its own sense of a rebirth.

Finally, if popcorn is your thing, then signing up for their newsletter will result in you being given the opportunity to get some free popcorn, and who wouldn’t enjoy something like that?

So, if the weather is rather bad and you are looking for something to do, then check out what the Lyon Theater has to offer, as you may end up surprised. Do just remember to book your tickets early in order to avoid any disappointment. With a theater this small, and with some of the biggest movies playing, then missing out entirely would be a complete sin.

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