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Mill Race Historical Village

Things to do in Northville: Mill Race Historical Village

Mill Race Historical Village is located in Northville, Michigan and is a wonderful destination that will allow you to effectively step back in time and appreciate what life was like some time ago. With a number of historical buildings to explore, this is education in a fun way, and when it is surrounded by some amazing nature, then you are in store for a fantastic time no matter how many times you plan on visiting.

Created several decades ago, the village was established as a refuge for historical buildings in the area that would have otherwise just been destroyed. Carefully moving them before restoring them to their former glory, the village now hosts a number of different demonstrations and events that hark back to the olden times.

Mill Race Historical Village

Their entire aim is to be able to educate people on history by helping them to immerse themselves into it. What better way to learn about how an old blacksmiths shop worked than by stepping inside of one and checking out what it has to offer. Also, with staff on hand to guide you through it all, your understanding of how society once was is going to come on leaps and bounds.

There is just something rather magical about stepping inside these old buildings as you get a real sense of what it must have been like to either live or work inside them when things were completely different to how they are now. This is certainly something that can make for a wonderful afternoon for the entire family with things to enjoy for people of all ages.

The village itself is run by a local organization, and they constantly seek to preserve as many things as possible and to just bring this history back to life. They are able to do that thanks to a number of volunteers that work there and they are all very well versed in the history of the Northville area.

So, if you are looking for something that is a bit different to do, then go ahead and check out this historical village. It is unlike anything else you will have come across before.