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Puzzled Escape

Things to do in Brighton: Puzzled Escape

The idea behind Puzzled Escape is pretty self-explanatory. However, that in itself does not take away from the fun that you are going to have should you decide that you do indeed wish to take on the challenge.

It follows similar lines to other puzzle based games that are all the rage, and as with the others, you have just one hour to get yourself and your team out of the room. The pressure is on.

Puzzled Escape Brighton MI

The attraction itself is aimed at anybody that just loves to try to deal with this challenge. If you thought that it was primarily aimed at companies and team-building, then think again because that is really not the case. Instead, tourists, families, groups of friends coming together can all take part if they want to.

They do ask you to turn up 15 minutes before your pre-booked time, and it really is important that you book ahead as you will not be able to get in unless luck is really on your side. After arriving, you are then put into the game and have to solve various clues to then be able to escape and ultimately win the game. It really is as simple as that.

Of course, it will not be as easy as you expect as that is part of the fun, and the team behind it have made sure that this is a difficult game that is going to really make you think out of the box in ways that you never thought possible. There is no way that you are supposed to just be able to walk out in a few minutes, so expect to take the full hour, or close to it anyway.

Puzzled Escape is going to be one of the best attractions that you can go to in and around Brighton, MI and you are strongly advised to book well in advance to eliminate the chances of you being left disappointed and unable to play the game. Tickets are cheaper during the week, so perhaps keep that in mind as well when you come to book.

So, if you love to test your mind, then this is the place to go but be prepared for some frustration coming your way.

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