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Shuttle Bus Company in Southeast Michigan

Holding a successful event that your guests will enjoy means paying attention to details. If your event requires transportation, you want to be sure you choose the vehicle that makes the experience more enjoyable and safe for all your guests. When you need a shuttle bus to move people from one point to another, look for a reputable shuttle bus company that prioritizes customer happiness.

From weddings, birthdays, and proms to brewery tours, corporate parties, and airport shuttles, Rockstarz Limousine has assisted with transportation for countless events. We know what makes a good shuttle bus company and what you should keep in mind when renting a shuttle bus for your event.

How to Rent a Shuttle Bus in Ann Arbor

When you have an event coming up and know that you’ll need transportation for your guests, you might wonder how to go about renting a shuttle bus. You have several things to keep in mind before booking your rental, including:

  • Type of bus: Shuttle buses come in different sizes and can accommodate small or large groups. A splinter van fits between eight and 15 people and typically has storage for luggage. A minibus can hold up to 21 passengers and is best suited for shorter trips that don’t require people to bring luggage. Finally, there’s a mini coach bus, which can fit up to 31 people, and a full-sized motor coach, which seats up to 55 people.
  • Type of event: Your event will determine which type of shuttle bus will be best for you. The number of passengers is an important factor, but you must also consider amenities if your passengers will be traveling in the shuttle bus for a long time. Air conditioning, luggage space, Wi-Fi, and onboard bathrooms are typical features that come with some buses, and you’ll have to decide if your guests will need them or not.
  • Your itinerary: It’s important to know the logistics of your event before booking a shuttle bus. Are you simply moving your guests from point A to point B once? Or do you have multiple stops over the course of the evening, with different people getting on and off at each one? Have your itinerary finalized so you can know what size of shuttle you will need and how long you will have to book it for.

With these tips, you should be able to reserve a shuttle bus with no problem. You can always ask the shuttle bus company any questions you have, and they should be able to provide you with information and suggestions.

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Tips for Finding a Good Shuttle Bus Company

When searching for a shuttle bus, you should look for a company that makes your event go as smoothly as possible. A reputable company that has handled many events before is more likely to make the process seamless.

Here are some factors to consider in a shuttle bus company:

  • Registered with MDOT: Don’t rent a shuttle bus in Michigan unless the company is registered with the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT). The company should also have proper licenses and insurance policies to operate and rent out shuttle buses.
  • Good safety record: Ask the shuttle bus company about their history of accidents, if any.
  • Ongoing driver training: Ensure the company trains their drivers properly and that they keep training up to date.
  • Regular maintenance and cleaning for vehicles: Ask the shuttle bus operator what their vehicle cleaning and maintenance policy is. Do they clean the buses after each use? Do the vehicles get checked regularly for any issues?

Only work with a company that is communicative as well. They should be able to promptly answer your questions and provide enough adequate information to help you make a decision. If you’ve never rented a shuttle bus before, you should find a company that makes the process as painless as possible.

party bus rental rockstarz limousine

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