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Party Bus Winery Tours

Autumn is a great time to visit a southeast Michigan winery and getting there and back in one of our part buses makes the tour even better.

Gather your friends and book one of our party buses to take you and your friends on a tour of a winery in southeast Michigan. Although we may often think of wine or wineries being located in areas like California, Michigan is also well known by wine enthusiasts as a great place to to get wines from. We have thousands of acres of prime land for growing the grapes used to produce many award winning wines.

You don’t have be be an expert or a wine connoisseur to appreciate a great bottle of wine. All you need is an appreciation for something that tastes good. A nice glass full of the grape. Most wineries in southeast Michigan produce several different types of wine and once you arrive for your tour, you will have the opportunity to find that wine that you absolutely fall in love with. We’ve not talking about those wines that many us consumed as young adults. We’re talking about world class wines. Yes, they cost a little more than those wines that only cost a couple of bucks, but did the job we wanted them to do at the time. These wines that you will taste on your winery tour will be of a much higher caliber and cost a little more, but, you won’t guzzle these as you did the others. These wines will give you the experience that wine lovers everywhere enjoy.

Although you could take in a winery tour on your own and drive yourself, we know that you will have a much nicer experience when you go to a winery on one of our party buses with several of your friends. You will sit back and relax as one of our professional drivers assures that you arrive at your scheduled winery conveniently and relaxed and ready to take in all of the sights the sounds the aromas and of course the sampling of different wines. You will also enjoy the fact that while on our party bus that you will have the opportunity to socialize with your friends and make the trip into a mini party of your own.

Fall is when most of the wineries in southeast Michigan are in full swing and waiting for their guests to arrive so they can show off the best of each season of great wine production in Michigan. You will learn more than you ever imagined about wine production and just what it takes to make that perfect wine that you will savor in your glass with a great meal or when you’re just sitting back and relaxing. Learn to pair different wines with different foods to get the greatest flavorful enjoyment from each.

A party bus winery tour should be on your must do list whether in the fall or another time of the year. We’re ready to transport you and your friends to and from an exhilarating day or fun and relaxation on one of our party buses. Give us a call now so we can book your winery tour in southeast Michigan this year. Once you’ve made one tour on one of our party buses, you may find yourself turning this into a yearly tradition with your friends, but, you will have to make that first trip to be able to make the second trip. Call us now at 734-386-6912 to book your southeast Michigan winery tour on a party bus from the limo and party bus company that will always treat you like a rock star.

party bus rental rockstarz limousine

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