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Potter Park Zoo

Things to do in Lansing, MI: Potter Park Zoo

If you and your kids love animals, then a trip to Potter Park Zoo in Lansing, MI needs to be on your agenda. Accredited since 1986, they are big on making sure that their park comes up to the very high standards that are expected from any zoo that is based in the United States. With a great deal of thought regarding the welfare of the animals, they are also able to educate you on their natural environment and any issues facing the species.

With a wide range of animals to check out from all corners of the globe, you will be able to explore the dangerous to the cute and everything in between. With a number of different breeds of animal that you may never have seen before with your own eyes, a trip to the Potter Park Zoo is going to be akin to a voyage of discovery, and it’s one that will always prove to be highly enjoyable.

Potter Park Zoo

As well as being able to simply check out the animals in their various enclosures, you can also participate in various events that happen throughout the year. In order to know more about what is going on, you should go to their website to see what is coming up and see what appeals to you.

Of course, no zoo is going to be complete without a need to educate people, and that is another area where Potter Park Zoo really does excel. With various options available to kids and adults alike, it provides you with the opportunity to get to grips with animals and the role that a zoo can play in helping a certain species to arrive.

With various facilities available on-site, it means you can explore the zoo and then stop for a break and enjoy some refreshments. You may also want to experience a more hands-on approach thanks to their zookeeper experiences or there’s even an option to be able to explore the zoo at night when you may very well see a different side to the animals.

Potter Park Zoo is a wonderful way to spend a few hours of the day, but it’s also the kind of place that you can keep on going back to time and time again. If you want to check it out, then buy tickets in advance to prevent any delays.